veer - Creation of constructive discourse

veer is

Veer is a debate platform with a conversational interactive campaign. Backed by AI, veer enables discourse between individuals of opposing views, bringing new perspectives through conversation and creates empathy by exposing individuals to new stories. Veer is tackling the issues of group think and bias created by user specific feeds, polarizing news and todays information bubble. veer is simply about creating conversations that wouldn’t occur normally and guiding them in a constructive and positive way.


Digital product, Brand identity, Interactive public awareness campaign and promotional products


Discovery phase

Debate is about presenting opposing views. Best practices in debating utilize data, research and respect for the opponent. Debate provides the opportunity to voice opinions and consider another point of view.  

How we approach decision making, how it can be influenced, how political beliefs are shaped and the potential for changing them informed the function and strategy for veer. Gaining a better understanding of bias and blindspots was critical to the implementation of AI for real time fact checking. AI gives users the opportunity to gain real information on a concept or issue. The veer ranking system was developed through research of debate moderation and examining how groups deal with moderators.


Key features of veer app

• MVP - Debate platform

• Open Voting for participants

• AI for content, moderation, fact checking, translation and stats.

• Topic and Article browsing/exploration

• Ranking system 



The Veer identity

Inspired by conversation the double "e" represents two individuals speaking and the logo is symbolic of different perspectives coming together.