ANAHEIM DUCKS - Motion Graphics, 3D



Design a product to assist users during a natural disaster as well as change the way people donate to provide aid.


A smart wearable, mesh networks, Google Loom and an effective digital product. It provides real time feedback during the disaster and uses the information provided to inform to rescue services and those who wish to donate. The product was designed using ethnographic research, feasible technology and a strong focus on user experience. 


The User Experience

The user experience is one of the most important elements of the product since the usability is essential in a natural disaster situation.  I started by creating user personas and then created user hierarchies based off of the personas. Once the hierarchies were defined I created broad user pathways to begin to understand the journey the users would take. From there I created buckets for the main screens that arose from the pathways. When all those steps were completed and understood I created a thorough site map, then wireframes to fully define the back bone of the product. Fun stuff.